Informasjon to patients

Patients diagnosed with glioblastoma, and their relatives, experience a strong need for information, care and psychosocial support. It is therefore essential that they can gain access to accurate, up to date information about their clinical condition that is easy to understand. In Norway, all patients receive the best standard of care treatment available. Glioblastomas do, however, at some point develop resistance to both radiation and the most common forms of chemotherapy used today.

Our goal is to establish an initiative that offers a unique personalized treatment and care plan where patients will have the opportunity to receive a tailored treatment based upon information gained by profiling the tumor and its characteristics. Our approach will start by characterizing each individual brain tumor using a state of the art functional drug profiling technology where the results will be used to identify and create a personalized treatment plan tailored towards the patient´s own tumor.

Establishment of a multidisciplinary panel of professional experts.

We will establish a multidisciplinary panel consisting of leading neurosurgeons, oncologists, pathologists, researchers and bioinformaticians in order to assess and optimize individual treatment options for patients. This will be based on a functional analysis of drugs that show signs of a good treatment effect against the tumor tissue. By using this strategy, the patients will be offered a range of new alternative treatments that the multidisciplinary team have identified as relevant and most effective for each patient. A further follow-up of the recommended treatment will be carried out within the framework of a clinical study.