Norwegian Brain Tumor Consortium

National network for personalized treatment of brain cancer

Our vision

By combining leading basic, translational and clinical brain cancer research efforts undertaken in Norway’s universities, hospitals and research institutes, we will be able to provide brain tumor patients with a more precise, effective and personalized treatment.

What is brain cancer?

Tumors that arise in the brain (primary brain tumors) represent 3.5% of all cancer cases in Norway. These tumors are not a homogenous group. Their occurrence can range from benign tumors that require limited treatment, to aggressive malignant tumors with a poor prognosis. Tumors from other parts of the body can spread (metastasize) to the brain forming secondary brain tumours. Of the primary brain tumors, gliomas represent the largest group. These are formed from the brain’s supporting cells and show different levels of malignancy, with glioblastomas as the most severe tumor type.

Close to patients and relatives

Our work is focused on the challenges that brain tumor patients and their relatives encounter. We have prioritized working in close collaboration with patient organizations to enable better decision-making processes, where the integration of the patient perspective is central to the treatment delivered. NBTC was founded with the generous support from the Norwegian Cancer Society in collaboration with Norwegian Brain Tumor Association.

Our goals

Strengthen national collaboration

To strengthen national collaboration and harmonize information flow between research institutions and hospitals in Norway

Patient screening

To establish a national infrastructure for personalized drug screening and treatment.

Clinical trials

To include more Norwegian brain tumor patients in existing clinical trials.

Custom treatment

To strengthen translational cancer research, with a focus on personalized treatment.

National register

To establish a national quality register for patients with brain tumours


To establish an infrastructure for the transportation of living cells between hospitals in Norway.


See our video where professor Rolf Bjerkvig at the University of Bergen explains the principles and technology behind this initiative.